How Overlays Can Make or Break Your Twitch Stream | September 21, 2018
9 Great Amazon Prime Day Deals | July 16, 2018
15 Best Accessories For Any Streamer | May 3, 2018
Test Streamer | April 27, 2018
Does Resolution Matter? | April 4, 2018


How Overlays Can Make or Break Your Twitch Stream

Whether you’re a professional Twitch gamer, an eSports champion or an average Joe who simply enjoys sharing their in-game experiences with others; adding an overlay to your stream – if done correctly – can potentially boost your subscribers, profits and general watchability. For the past few years, overlays have become a bit of a “love-it-or-hate-it” […]


Does Resolution Matter?

  Resolution is the pinnacle of quality in every stream. Knowing what resolution is and how to utilize it correctly will give you the most optimal quality stream for your setup can support. Let’s start by explaining what resolution is. Resolution refers to the amount of detail in video and picture images. It’s defined by […]


Importance of Game Choice

Video games have become a thriving industry, one that won’t be easily toppled. There has been a game for just about everything and for everyone. This leaves streamers with a huge variety of games to choose from when casting. Because of this choosing a game can become difficult however that’s not the only thing you […]


Layouts 101

Don’t overlook the basics. One of the first things you have to do after signing up on twitch, is to start thinking about your stream layout. This is everything to do with your stream visually, could be as basic as just where you position your camera to more complex stuff like adding an overlay where […]


Streaming Gear

9 Great Amazon Prime Day Deals

Prime Day 2018 is finally upon us (for the British anyway) and with that comes a whole lot of deals and savings. Therefore I’ve decided to make a list below to help highlight some of the best deals for streaming related gear. The American site hasn’t started its deals yet but hopefully, these will translate over […]


15 Best Accessories For Any Streamer

You don’t need a lot to start streaming, you can even stream without spending a penny on any new equipment but if you want to compete in the streaming world then you need to improve your stream quality. You should really consider investing in some accessories to give you that edge over the competition. Below […]


Capture Cards and You

If you’re only planning on streaming PC games then Capture Cards are not necessary at all. However as you stream you might get a desire to stream some console exclusives. To do that you have 2 options. If it’s an old console such as Playstation One or earlier then you can emulate the console and […]


Webcams and You

While webcams aren’t required when streaming, broadcasting yourself to your viewers, can add a lot of flare to your streams. While just talking is perfectly fine there is an audience out there that will enjoy being able to see you and your reactions as you play games. It also helps viewers to get to know […]

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