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How Overlays Can Make or Break Your Twitch Stream

Whether you’re a professional Twitch gamer, an eSports champion or an average Joe who simply enjoys sharing their in-game experiences with others; adding an overlay to your stream – if done correctly – can potentially boost your subscribers, profits and general watchability. For the past few years, overlays have become a bit of a “love-it-or-hate-it” […]

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Does Resolution Matter?

  Resolution is the pinnacle of quality in every stream. Knowing what resolution is and how to utilize it correctly will give you the most optimal quality stream for your setup can support. Let’s start by explaining what resolution is. Resolution refers to the amount of detail in video and picture images. It’s defined by […]

Importance of Game Choice

Video games have become a thriving industry, one that won’t be easily toppled. There has been a game for just about everything and for everyone. This leaves streamers with a huge variety of games to choose from when casting. Because of this choosing a game can become difficult however that’s not the only thing you […] Guide is a unique and powerful tool for streamers. This service is a simple and free to use multi-streaming service. What this means is you can simultaneously stream to multiple stream services some examples being; Twitch, Hitbox and YouTube, though there are plenty more. This tool is not necessary however, and is completely optional, but […]

Silence in The Air No More

Streaming has it’s ups and downs however the biggest down you’ll experience when starting out will be dead streams. You should not be discouraged by this however as your content is being constantly viewed or could be viewed by potential new viewers as you continue to stream. Viewers aren’t going to stay if you provide […]

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) 101

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free open-source software which has steadily become one of the most popular broadcasting softwares for streamers. It offers a fully customizable experience with the use of plugins as well as a full suite of  built in features for streamers to use. You can download Open Broadcaster Software here: Index: […]

Streaming Tool List

This list will cover: Broadcasting Software, Tracking Services, Donation Services, Chat Bots and IRC Chat Programs and some miscellaneous programs. Streaming, like anything else can be a tough mistress. It requires knowledge of a lot of software to get the desired outcome. To help aspiring and experienced streamers alike to get over this hurdle I’ve […]

How To Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet is a very powerful tool for anyone who wants to have a social media presence, it’s especially useful on sites like Twitch and YouTube. It actually amazes me how many people don’t know about Click To Tweet. Because of this, I’ve decided to write up this quick guide on what Click to […]

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